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We remain unable to confirm if this story is true or not. We continue to receive conflicting reports. Maine Militia members deny the claims, while other members confirm them.

As of this moment, TrentsList.org is taking the side of this being a false claim. We will continue to monitor to situation and update accordingly, but we believe it to be a false alarm.

We are receiving unconfirmed early reports of UN movement in Maine.

Reports include connex trailers and tanks being moved along I-95 (between Bangor & Portland), and UN equipment being moved VIA shut down railways.

There are some reports of local Militias mobilizing.

Some reports are coming in from several sources that indicate 10 UN tanks were being stored at Belfast and have since disappeared overnight.

Secure Our Freedom will monitor this situation very closely and keep things up to date.

UPDATE 5/12/13 2139MST

We have just received this screenshot of a Facebook status in a local Maine group. Names have been edited out for privacy.


UPDATE 5/12/13 2212MST

Various confirmations continue to come in VIA Facebook. The following screenshot came from the Secure Our Freedom National Facebook page.


UPDATE 5/12/13 2223MST

Multiple reports are coming in of activity just South of Portland, ME.

UPDATE 5/13/13 0911MST

Secure Our Freedom is continuing to investigate these claims. We have local ME staff on the ground talking to local militia sources this morning who all confirm they have received orders to gear up. We are in the process of contacting local police departments.


UPDATE 5/13/13 1017

Confirmations continue to come in VIA Facebook. We understand that this is not hard evidence, however multiple sources continue to confirm.



 NEW ORLEANS – It started out with the sound of music and ended with the sound of gunshots.

An annual Mother’s Day second line in the Seventh Ward that normally draws hundreds came to a tragic end Sunday when gunmen fired into the crowd, striking 19 people, including two children.

The shots rang out as the celebration was winding to an end at N. Villere and Frenchmen Streets, around 1:45 p.m.

Neighbors expressed both shock and outrage.

“Everybody was having fun for Mother’s Day, and next thing you know when they got right there to the stop sign, pow pow, everybody went to running,” said Lisa Garner, who lives nearby.

Just down the street, two victims collapsed on Bernadette Tyler’s porch. One was shot six times.

“I just opened my door today and two guys collapsed right there on my steps and me and my daughter did the best thing we can to revive them and I think we saved another life today,” said Tyler.

Tyler knows first hand what it’s like to lose someone to violence. Her son was murdered 15 years ago. This Mother’s Day, she worked to save someone else’s son.

“They just was saying they was hit and they was hurting, I just kept saying, ‘We’re going to keep you, we’re going to revive you from all of this,’” she said .

No one was killed, but three victims were in critical condition. The children involved were recovering from graze wounds.

“It’s just time to stop with the violence. It’s not cool. It’s Mother’s Day. Who wants to lose a child on Mother’s Day? That’s’ not right,” said Adriana Stewart, who attended the second line with her two children.

The shots rang out even as more than 10 officers were present during the second line. Some of the officers saw three suspects running from the scene. All three are still at large.

“What frustrates all of us is that the great culture of our city sometimes stumbles a bit because of the selfish behavior of some people. So we can tell you without doubt that this police department will find these guys,” said New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas.

It’s the area’s second shooting in a week. Police are still investigating a motive. They believe at least two guns were involved.

Police are still gathering information on the suspects. One of them is described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s with short hair, a white shirt, and blue jean shorts.

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